Ethos, Vision + Values

Positivity, Happiness, Kindness, Safety, Learning, Respect



Aqueduct Primary School 

Our School Ethos, Vision + Values

We aim to make our school a happy, caring and safe place for children to learn and grow in confidence. We believe in nurturing and developing enquiring minds in a supportive, positive atmosphere. Through close partnership with children, families, governors and the wider community, we provide a school culture which values all its members as equal. Our aim is to provide a stimulating environment in which children can develop a lifelong love of learning. As part of this, we encourage pupils to be independent, resourceful learners who are willing to take risks, rise to a challenge and work hard to overcome obstacles. We want all children to feel special and valued for the unique qualities they bring to the school. Each child will be encouraged to respect and understand the ideas and beliefs of others irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation or disability. We aim to develop positive, confident children, with a strong sense of self- worth, who are proud to belong to our community and understand their value and purpose in the world. Our school culture places equal value on all its members and encourages fairness, truthfulness and respect. Children are empowered to make decisions for themselves, with an understanding of what is right and wrong. Everyone, in our school community is encouraged to think creatively and use their imagination, to visualise a future full of possibilities. The exciting curriculum we offer will inspire and motivate all learners to widen their horizons and always aim high. In this way we hope to send our children out into the world with aspirations to succeed in life.