Financial Information

Financial Information.

Our school is a local authority maintained school, and we receive funding through the local authority, or directly from the government.

Our school does not have any employees earning over £100,000.

Further information concerning the school's finances, and how we compare to other schools, can be found on the Government's Financial Benchmarking Service website, which can be accessed  from the link below.

Schools Financial Benchmarking Website for Aqueduct Primary School.

School Fund

Private School Fund Accounts 
Voluntary funds frequently provide schools with substantial additional sources of finance. Although not public money, school funds are administered by employees of the LA in normal work time and therefore minimum standards are expected. In addition, parents, pupils and benefactors who contribute to the fund are entitled to minimum levels of financial stewardship and accountability.   
Definition of the use of private school funds 
NAHT Guidelines define a school fund as "a fund containing other than official monies of the funding authority (i.e. LA), which is controlled wholly or in part by a Head teacher or Principal by reason of his or her employment at the school". 
The general purpose of the fund is to act as a processing account to enable the financing and accounting for extra-curricular activities (e.g. trips) and to generally support the school from non-LA sources, e.g. fundraising, charitable donations, uniform sales, and after school clubs etc.                                                                          
We use Parent Pay to facilitate payment into our School Fund for these purposes. 
School funds should be for the benefit of the pupils of the school, not any other body or members of staff. Unless saving for a specific project, funds should be spent for the benefit of those pupils who raised them. 
The school's private fund account is held with Lloyds Bank.
The accounting year runs from 1st September to 31st August each year. The account is audited annually by an external auditor who is appointed by the Governors. Click on the link below to see the most recent audited accounts:

School Fund Audited Accounts 20-21