School Council

The school council
Meet Your New School Council

Chair: Tyler Farmer-Minards
Vice Chair: Libby-Rose Thompson
Secretary: Harriet Wood
Assistant Secretary: Callum Richards
Treasurer: Thomas Hollyhead
Assistant Treasurer: Libby Banks

General Members:

Charlie Soltys, Liam Bowen, Bella Taylor, Lewis Knight,

Max Farrelly, Melissa Haywood, Rachel Ayton,

Gabriel Clifford, Charlie Aldred, Millie Anderson, Layla McConnell,

Kenzie Smith, Billy Gedds-Smith and Cherry-Leigh Astley.


Aqueduct Playground Charter
Please be sensible.
Please put litter in the bins provided.
Please be kind and friendly.
Please play together fairly.
Please stand quietly and patiently waiting in your class line.
Please look where you are going.
Please keep yourself and others safe.
Please use your manners.
Please listen carefully to what members of staff are asking you to do.
Please tell the truth.
We would like to tell you a little bit about ourselves and what we are hoping to do this school year.

School Dinners

Designed by the Pupils for the Pupils

This school year we have been working on, along with the Catering Department of Telford and Wrekin Council, creating a new school, Healthy eating dinner menu especially for Aqueduct Primary. During this process we asked all children to produce a picture of their favourite foods and used these to produce a sample of a three week menu to help the Catering Department come up with a healthy eating option to be used on our school menu. 


Keep your eyes out for our new menu to be available in the new school year!